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B2B & B2C Telemarketing Services in the UK

>B2B Telemarketing Services

Different Forms of Telemarketing

There are basically two kinds of telemarketing -
1. Business to Business (B2B) telemarketing
2. Business to Consumer (B2B) telemarketing

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It is usually conducted from a company office, call centre or sometimes from home.

The salesperson will have a list of prospective clients and will call them up each individually and then try to talk the customer into buying the product or service on offer.

Prospective customers are identified by a range of criteria which include past purchase record, credit history, if they have shown an interest in the company before and any customer surveys they may have taken.

Or sometimes companies sell lists of customers to related companies e.g. a computer company might sell a list of recent customers to a warranty service provider.

Sharing of information amongst related companies is a common way of obtaining quality customer information.

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the process of generating new potential customers to contact. Firstly, those potential customers need to be identified before they can be contacted.

Companies will generate leads in a number of ways which include - promotions in places like shopping centres, competitions, mail/leaflet drops, door to door surveys and websites (people registering interest in a particular product).

Lists of potential customers, along with contact details, can be generated in this way.

These are forms of lead generation that cost money to promote, but a free way of generating leads is to study organic search engine results or referrals from previous customers.

Businesses are always looking for what they term 'quality' leads and quality usually means the likelihood that the potential customer will go on to make a purchase.

Telemarketing Costs for B2B & B2C

Most companies that use telemarketing often employ a separate telemarketing agency to do it for them.

Finding the best price deal can be difficult as there are many companies out there offering different kinds of service.

It's worth remembering though that telemarketing companies prices basically fall into two categories - a flat rate of pay and pay per lead.

The flat rate form of pay involves paying your employees on an hourly/daily basis which has the advantage of meaning that you know exactly how much you will be paying each day but lacks any performance incentive.

This method is best for working through large lists of clients and assessing potential interest in your product or service.

The other way is to use the pay-per-lead method where you pay the telemarketing company for the number of leads they generate.

The more leads they generate for you, the more you pay. This obviously is more incentive based than the flat rate method and is better if you are looking for more solid leads that you can rely on to make a purchase, although it will cost you more.

Prices for generating leads will vary according to the difficulty of generating the leads for your particular product, but can cost anything from £20 to £150.

Potential Cost Savings

There are a few ways of cutting the potential costs of telemarketing. The first is to provide your own list of potential leads, this will cut down on costs significantly.

However, you need to make sure that your leads are good quality and have good sales potential.

Another consideration is where your telemarketing company is. Companies in London are generally much more expensive so it is a good idea to look for a more regionally based company, although this might no be advisable if you are concentrating your marketing on the London area.

And finally, most telemarketing companies will charge more for converting potential sales leads into actual sales appointments.

If you feel able, you can do this bit for yourself and use the leads given to you by the telemarketing company to arrange your own sales and appointments for yourself.

This not only reduces costs significantly but also gives you more hands on control over the sales process and more contact with your potential customers.

Hopefully you are now more aware of the process of telemarketing and the costs involved.

What Exactly is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing, sometimes known as telesales, is a form of direct marketing that is used as a means of selling and promoting a wide range of different products.

A salesperson contacts the potential customer either by telephone, face to face or over the internet in a pre-arranged web appointment.

Telemarketing can also include a recorded message sent by telephone, which is sometimes called 'robocalling'.

It is a form of marketing that has come in for criticism in recent years for being over-aggressive and for pushing people into buying things they don't want.

It is still nevertheless a very popular form of marketing and is used by pyramid selling companies, mobile phone companies, charities and various other commercial organisations.

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